Get the Best Plumbing in Bedford, TX 

We offer many services here as your North Richland Hills plumbers. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you’re not sure whether we perform a specific service not, please don’t hesitate to call.


Tankless Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Why go tankless? Or maybe you shouldn’t? As your North Richland Hills plumbers, we can give you a customized outlook if you’re considering changing from storage tank-type water heater to tankless. A new house can be built to suit. A house that has been built with a tank type might not be a good candidate for a tankless. We don’t want to woo you with lies, we want you to know the truth. The first question or tank-type owners, do you ever run out of hot water? If the answer to that question is yes, tankless will be a comfortable move. If you say no, then comfort can still weigh in. But necessary may not exist. So let’s talk, call today and get the REAL scoop.

Repairs and Replacements 

Can it be repaired? Many times the answer is yes with North Richland Hills plumbers. Did you know if a water heater does not heat water that’s not a cause for replacement? All working components can be replaced unless it’s discontinued! A leaking tank is the only real reason for a replacement when it’s actually necessary. However, we let you choose.

Toilets that don’t flush, we know how to repair. The only reason to replace a toilet barring It’s old and ugly we want a new one is… The water cavities that create the vacuum and pressure get clogged with calcium and prevent flush performance.

Drain Cleaning 

Drain cleaning is something many North Richland Hills plumbers use to sell high paying jobs while a customer is in a desperate situation. If your mainline stops up and you can’t flush toilets or shower we will work very hard to get your clog out and restore service. If you do have a problem, we will still try very hard at least to get things draining and then discuss options for a permanent fix. We have many customers with existing problems that we keep on a maintenance schedule to prevent them from having a huge payout. If another company says your line can’t be cleaned out to drain properly call us for a second opinion. 

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  1. If a plumber does not offer options with pros and cons
  2. If a high-priced job comes up in the first 15 to 20 minutes
  3. If a service tech is pushing to refer another professional
  4. If your service company does not want to pull a City permit
  5. If a tech can’t explain a problem and the repair process
  6. If a tech can’t show professional credentials for the trade

Slab Leaks

At MD Dutton, the North Richland Hills plumbers, we are a small family business, and we work with a personal locator. While we can’t do slab leaks in high-volume we can tell how you how your slab leak will play out from start to finish, locating, and repairs are very precise.  Once the leak is tagged we will involve the customer, with one to three or four options to get a final objective that agrees with the home-and-home owner. We always try to maintain a neutral attitude and are willing to do what fits the home and homeowner the best. As for things like money, collateral damage, the life expectancy of repair or replacement, these have a large role to play in this type of job as well as many others.

Gas leaks 

This can be very scary so read carefully.

Natural gas has no smell. What? That’s right, the smell of natural gas has been infused so you can smell it either before it gets too dangerous or so you can tell that it is at a dangerous point. A hint of gas is not dangerous. A strong gas smell could be dangerous. So when a strong smell exists, ventilate the area if possible. You do this by opening doors and windows and make sure to never turn on lights or fans. Just step out and call us. The gas should be turned off and accessed by a plumber. Note:  If you call the gas company, they will turn off your gas and tell you to call a plumber, so just call your Bedford plumbing experts first.