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About the Founder

Doug is the founder of MD Dutton Plumbing and hires the best plumbers in Watauga, TX. He thought his life would be lived out in the oil fields. However in the prime of his life oil prices spiralled down, down, and down. Doug was then faced with a choice to find another way to live. He ended up in the construction business under a master carpenter where he learned a lot about how homes are put together, but it just wasn’t his calling. Later in the mid-80s, he started doing maintenance. While doing this he was excelling at heating, refrigeration, and plumbing. This piqued his interest in heating and air for a few years and then he was really committed to plumbing only. He worked his way up from apprentice plumber to journeyman plumber. And then soon enough he was a licensed master plumber.

And now here he is, with MD Dutton Plumbing we keep very high expectations on every job no matter how small or big. Our desire as North Richland Hills plumbers is to turn out very high quality at a fair price. Here at MD Dutton, we focus on your home and/or business to bring you a high-quality attitude, high-quality work, high-quality parts all at a good competitive price. We pride ourselves and honesty and integrity, which we believe builds character so don’t be surprised when we have these values even while we are not being watched. We believe that character is choosing to do better even when it’s not necessary. We do this by giving our best all the time.