Backflow Testing & Install

The number one question is….What is Backflow?

Unlike the backflow you get when a drain line stops up and starts flowing back into your house or business in an undesired area and causes a messy situation, consider this.

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What if that messy stuff was flowing back into your drinking water. Eww! That wouldn’t be good. However, that is an example of what backflow testing North Richland Hills is. And that’s what we as backflow testers and installers are here to specialize in, preventing backflow. Thus the thing called backflow preventer assembly. That is the assembly that can keep the messy stuff out of your drinking water.

Any time a potable water line is connected to something that has potential to contaminate the potable water, it needs backflow testing North Richland Hills of some sort. These devices and assemblies come in an array of formats.

For instance, if you are a homeowner and you connect your garden hose to your spicket and drop the hose into the pool to fill it, there is the potential to have a back flow incident. When the end of the hose is in the water of the pool and the city has to repair a main water line, and they cut the line underground. As the water runs out of the pipe below the ground it creates a vacuum on the garden hose and could suck water from the pool. Drawing contaminated water back into the potable water line.

Backflow Testing North Richland HillsNow imagine using the water hose to try to unstop the sewer line when it’s backed up! That would be raw sewage back flowing into your drinking water. Eww!

Backflow assemblies and devices are put into play when these conditions happen and are very effective in preventing catastrophes. Now the examples given. If you have a $10 part call a hose bib vacuum breaker no pool water or poo water could draw back into the drinking water.

This is just a simple example of a potential backflow condition for backflow testing North Richland Hills. There are many many conditions that exist in homes and businesses and industries that actually bring drinking water together with different chemicals and products that can range from a hazard causing death and bad illness to just simply disgusting but not deadly and there are assemblies and devices to handle every type of backflow situation.

Backflow Testing Richland Hills 9At MD Dutton Plumbing and Backflow we can guide you through state and city requires testing needs to comprehensive installation requirements.

Home Example: Pool fills, garden hose spigots, faucets with pull down sprays, tubs with hand sprays, even hand showers, irrigation systems all should have protection.

Business Example: A very common one that we all like is soda pop…Soda machines, water softeners, other water treatment systems like reverse osmosis systems, multi stage filter set-ups, boilers, steamers, hot and cold water make-up and process lines all should have protection just to name a few.

Keeping our drinking water safe is a priority at MD Dutton Plumbing and backflow testing North Richland Hills and we are always happy to help educate our customers and to help the public to understand what backflow is.

Backflow Testing North Richland Hills 5As life moves faster and cities get bigger sometimes the service industry gets looked over on a large scale. Many times, that’s due to people like us doing our jobs. So the next time you go to the tap for water, we invite you to think about us. We are working very hard to ensure that as you draw the water from the tap rest assured you’ll be safe from contaminants because the best way to be educated about backflow is reading our snippets or calling for info not drawing contaminated water from the tap.
Thank you for your interest and time from MD Dutton Plumbing and Backflow.
Be Safe!

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